Throughout the years following a deep research, searching for the best coffee crops around the world, finally we have been able to find, and above all to select the qualities which reflect the excellence.

The varieties of beans are wide. Each place they come from add its own character, each harvest has peculiarities that we would like our clients to discover through the taste of a hot, intense and aromatic cup of espresso.

We consider as essential the role of Coffee master. Here in Vignola, in the province of Modena the expert is Leonardo, son of Giovanni who moved to the quiet countryside in the heart of the Padana plain in 1936 to start his business.

Thanks to this experience, he got the knowledge and the skills of the art of ” roasting ” coffee in the best way.

This caught our attention, so we chose Leonardo a real artist, not only by the name, in creating unique blends.

We put all this passion, sensitivity and competence to roast the coffee beans in the best way.

Once the package is open, you will not resist the temptation of immersing your fingers in the beans, you will look to their colours, enjoying the inimitable aroma abandoning yourself to this rithual, feeling like tasting your coffee shortly.

The wise mixing of south American varieties, gives balance and vigour making our coffee intense in force and flavor, with a rich aroma mixed with an aftertaste of caramel notes. Thick and persistent cream hazelnut colour.

Its flavor and full-bodied profile makes it perfect at any moment, whenever you feel like immersing yourself in a real italian coffee.



About our blends, and to find out the best for you!