Who we are

Nik Finelli cafè 

Roasting company based in Vignola, province of Modena - Italy.

Born from the desire to commemorate and study the art of making good coffee.

Our roasting was born from our desire to celebrate and develop the art of doing well, returning to the origins of traditional Italian flavors. Our goal is to transform the daily habit of drinking coffee into a pleasant tasting experience.

Brand Nik Finelli cafè

The selection of the raw material certified as the first quality by our suppliers, purchasing only grains at origin of 18 mm, coming from different parts of the world, we come to mix up to 10 different qualities of raw materials in single origin.

Nik Finelli cafe is the line of products of the highest quality, developed to be extracted from the most classic and refined methods such as capsules and above all through espresso machines.

servizio clienti : serv.clienti@nikcafe.it